Friday, December 10, 2010

Swiff and Fluff on the Cheap!

 As we have all hard floors I had become quite a fan of the Swiffer Sweeper. I also used the Swiffer cloths for dusting. We went through them very quickly until some time ago I saw an article on the Diaper Pin about using microfiber cloths (typically sold the auto section of most department stores) in the place of disposable Swiffer sweeping cloths.

This is my most recent microfiber towel that I haven't cut yet.
While at a discount store I picked up a super cheap microfiber cloth and tried it out. It was amazing, doing exactly what the Swiffer cloth did was reusable! I just shake off the excess dust over the trash can and then toss the cloth in with the dirty towels.

The microfiber cloth was a little large for my purposes so I cut it in half and did not sew the cut side to see if it would fray and after washing it for months, it has not frayed at all!

Later, I received a Nykibaby One Size pocket diaper for review from Monkey Toe Diapers that came with a microfiber towel as an insert. I discovered that it was a very absorbent and trim insert. I didn't even realize how cheap the towels were at the time, but was seriously hoping to find more to use as inserts!

I didn't have to wait long! On a recent trip to Dollar Tree and discovered that they have microfiber towels for a dollar each!

I snatched up a few white ones for dusting and sweeping and a few pastel ones for stuffing and fluffing my pocket diapers. They work SO well and are so cheap. PERFECT for adding serious extra absorbency to an overnight diaper!

And yes I did match them on purpose...pitiful I know! I also have a purple diaper and a purple cloth but it was dirty! :)

Thank you Dollar Tree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. What a great idea. I bought a bulk think of micro fiber cloths about a year ago from Sams Club. Never thought about using them this way..
    Off to find them now :-)

  2. ohh thanks for the tip, i never thought of that and i have to constantly use a swiffer because our floors are hardwood. i will be visiting my dollar tree store really soon.

  3. What a creative and CHEAP way to use the microfiber towels! Who would have thought you could get something for a cloth diaper at a dollar store?! Thanks for the suggestion as well for the swiffer - me (and daughter) use for quick clean-ups!

  4. Wow thanks for posting this, I am hoping to head to Dollar Tree later today and didn't even think to look for these. Some of my pockets are missing inserts and I just couldn't afford to buy new ones, so this is a great way to save me some money.

  5. Excellent idea! Gonna go try that one out this week!

  6. Wanted to add my 2 cents...

    I bought some used fuzzi bunz from a consignment sale (without inserts) and a couple bum genius from cotton babies (without inserts). I use these very towels for inserts in those diapers. They are wonderful...and cheap too.

    I have never had any problems using these for my DD's diapers.

  7. wanted to add more...I have 2 dozen of these for diapers only...figured I would try them since they were the same price as gerbal flats...and figured they'd be more absorbent...which is an understatement

  8. I loved MF towels in my daughter's pocket diapers even more than the MF inserts that came with them! The towels could dry out in the pail waiting to be washed while the inserts seemed to sit there and fester. I actually missed hanging diapers on the line this summer... that's about the only downside to potty training! :>)

  9. Great Ideas! I've been using MF for cleaning my glasses, but this is another great use. I've recently gotten MF cloths at Target in their dollar bin and there are 2 o them to a package.


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