Tuesday, December 21, 2010

More than this Monday: Ripping Razors

I realize that it is Tuesday, but we just got back from our trip, and it feels like Monday to me. I also had a little something I wanted to share...;)

Tom and I enjoyed a weekend away this past weekend in Asheville, NC while Lydia hung out with my Mom and Dad. It was fun, and I think absence made the heart grow fonder...made me more aware of the blessing that Lydia is. When we got back last night we were loving on Lydia and talking with my parents.

I was letting Lydia play with a paper that seemed unimportant. She tore it and my mom said that it was something she wanted to hold on to. I almost grabbed the paper out of Lydia's hand, but then remembered my resolution to not yank things out of her hand that she shouldn't have, but to ask her calmly to give it to me. When I did so she handed me the paper me without hesitating. I said "thank you," and she went on chattering and playing happily.

I told mom how I'd realized that she may not understand why I grab things out of her hands. I thought at that moment how kids are so prone to yank things out of others' hands and it suddenly occurred to me that perhaps we train them to do that without even realizing it! Then we turn around and scold them for "taking away" and not sharing.

I shared these thoughts with my mom and it reminded her of a story told by a teacher years ago, which I have embellished a little...

A family and friends were sitting around enjoying each others' company when someone realized that the baby on the floor in the middle had a sharp razor blade in his hand. Expecting the mom to grab it instantly from his hand the guests were surprised and nervous to see her run to the kitchen. The mother briskly, but calmly walked back into the room, quickly approaching the baby with something in her own hand. She reached out with a loving hand and offered to baby a cookie. The baby in turn instantly dropped the razor, which was immediately grabbed up by wiser hands and enjoyed nibbling on the cookie. The relieved family paid no mind to the crumbs falling all over the floor and all sighed and relaxed back into their seats with relief.

 How often do we rip razor blades from the hands of others, young and old alike, only leave them wounded and bleeding, instead of offering them something better.

The wrong things we see in our loved one's lives, that may indeed be harmful to them, perhaps would be forgotten and abandoned if we would instead of trying to take those things from them, just showed them the love of Christ...

I needed to hear that. I can't tell you how timely it was. God show me how to just give your love, and leave the razor blades to you!


  1. IT is so true, we mean to protect but actually can cause more harm than good if we don't explain our actions or offer an improvement.

  2. Thanks. I needed to hear that too.

  3. What a wise reminder! I need to remember to apply this.

  4. I didn't even realise this until you pointed it out, thanks.

  5. I'm learning this lesson also with my nieces and nephew. If you talk to kids calmly, they will respond calmly.


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