Sunday, September 12, 2010

Saving With Bunch Spinach {MPM}

We eat a lot of Spinach salad, mostly as an excuse to eat our yummy homemade salad dressing :). I love the health benefits of spinach too, though!

I used to buy baby spinach in a bag because it was so convenient and perfect for salad, but then I saw things on the news that were a bit disturbing about bagged salad, so I started buying bunch spinach. At first I found preparing it for salad to be a bit cumbersome, tearing the stems off by hand and tearing the leaves into bite size pieces. Finally, I had an idea that made it super easy and perfect for salad!
Before taking of the binding around the stems, I lay it on the cutting board and start slicing it, just as if it were a tomato or onion.

I slice it all the way down to the stem in about 1 inch slices, then put the stems in the back of compost stuff and the sliced leaves, which are now perfect size for salad in a colander to rinse thoroughly before saving out the amount needed for our salad that night and putting the rest in a bag in the fridge for later.

It's easy, less expensive, safer, and just as perfect for salad!

This week's menu plan:
Monday: Leftover Curry or Beirrocks
Tuesday: Empanadas
Wednesday: Chop Suey (Lentil sprouts are being grown as we speak!)
Thursday: El Burgos or Pakinstani Kima
Friday: Off to visit family for the weekend!