Thursday, December 9, 2010

Making Christmas Cards Easy with Shutterfly!

I've always been one to plan on sending Christmas cards, and even buy some most years, but never get around to writing them, much less sending them. I wanted to send a greeting to people I loved, but I think I felt the need to write a long letter to everyone and as a busy teacher that was never a realistic goal. Then, when our little Lydia came a month early in October of last year. It was such a shock and we were so overwhelmed with keeping her fed and warm and growing strong that we never sent out a special announcement. I was sad about it, but at Christmas, when she was two months old and we were a little better adjusted, we had the great idea of doing Christmas photo cards and making them like a late Christmas birth announcements! With a beautiful Christmas red background and picture of our little treasure, it read, "A late announcement of our early arrival....(insert birthday, height and weight here)...Merry Christmas!"

It was really special and two goals were met in one! It was a very satisfying experience which as it turned out it was super easy, so we decided to photo cards again the following year...which would be NOW!

If not for Shutterfly, perhaps I would have regressed into my old ways of good intentions and lack of action in the way of Christmas cards! However, when I found out from a fellow blogger about this promotion, and took a look at their HUGE selection of Christmas cards and Holiday cards, I got really excited and motivated about doing it.  I immediately started picking out pictures we could use with the different designs.

I'm having fun looking through the HUGE selection of more than 800 cards! There are so many that I love. It's really hard to choose! Here are a few of my favorites:

These were just from the first few pages! When I realized that the pages went on and on, I knew there was no way I could post all my favorites here, but this gives you a little taste. I love reds and browns, but they also have lots for those who love black and white or that that holiday icicle blue!

We would like to choose a few pictures of Lydia throughout her first year, so probably I will end up choosing one of the designs that has several small frames. What a tough (but fun) decision!

I also got a fantastic Christmas gift idea for the grandparents! How cool would it be to make your own photo calendar for the doting grandparents!? What a wonderful gift that would be...

Thanks Shutterfly, for the nudge I needed to get into the Christmas spirit! Christmas cards are in the works, he tree's going up this weekend and plans for cookie baking and gift wrapping are being made. Maybe it will happen after all!

Merry Christmas!

(a little early ;)

Disclosure: Thanks to Shutterfly for the chance to receive 50 free Christmas Cards by blogging about their wonderful holiday selection! Bloggers hurry and apply for your chance to participate by tomorrow, 12/10/2010! Look here  for details.


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  1. I definitely loved my Birth announcement/Christmas card from Lydia! And...I already made photo calendars for grandparents (and great grandparents) I used Vistaprint this time because of a special they were running. But I also love Shutterfly.
    Merry Christmas, see you soon!


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