Friday, October 15, 2010

"Guest" Post by Tom.Com: Military Showers

Just so you know, Tom is my dear husband, affectionately dubbed "Tom.Com"for his uncanny amount of knowledge about random things (I go to him before google!),  who has graciously agreed to contribute to The Cheap and Choosy with some great tips for Frugal Fridays! Without further ado...

Earlier this year, I went to Haiti with a group from our church to do some construction. The compound in which we stayed had showers that were fed from a cistern on top of another building. The cistern was expensive to fill, so we had to ration water. Thankfully, I had heard about the so-called "military" shower, but I had not done one until the week in Haiti. As the week went on, my anticipation for a long hot shower grew. And when I got home, I went to take a shower almost immediately. I turned on the water and started lathering up, but there was a check in my spirit. The water that was going down the drain was doing nothing except providing a small measure of comfort. I couldn't, in good conscience, continue wasting it, and I turned it off and finished the shower. I have continued the military shower since then, though, I must quickly admit that I have not always been quick to shut off the water after I finish rinsing.

If you have not already heard of the "military" shower, here it is:
1) Run the water long enough to get wet then shut it off.
2) Lather up with shampoo and soap.
3) Run the water long enough to rinse off.

It's a pretty simple process. It will help save on the water bill. It will help save on the gas/electric bill (depending on your hot water heater type). It has helped to continually remind me of the blessings afforded to us in this country that others don't readily have.


  1. What a great post, I had no idea what military showers were before.

    This is also a great post since today is Blog Action day and the theme is: water.

    Here's my post about it:

    I personally think I'll give military showers a chance, but not sure how well I'll do. I know I'll end up being cold and I hate to be cold, the warm weather is always so comforting. does waste a lot of water.

  2. LOL! I'm very familiar with military showers. My dad, who was in the Marines, instituted them in our family when I was a kid. I did away with them when I got married and had my own house and my own water!

    They are a very good idea, though. Perhaps I will introduce my own family to the concept!

  3. a very good idea... i would have a hard time with it though since my shower is really relaxing and one of the few moments alone! :)


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