Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cloth Diaper Mommy Wool Soaker Review

I have already raved about the very creative and cool t-shirt diapers by Cloth Diaper Mommy on Etsy, but Becca also hand knits super creative and fun woollies to go over those fitteds...the PERFECT combination to stay cool, dry and rash free! I'd been eyeing an adorable smiley face soaker that I was planning to order for Lydia, but then I saw THIS one and just HAD to get it. Since I was learning about wool and planning for this event, it fit so perfectly. It is still, in my opinion, the cutest woolly I've ever seen! I think it's an adorable appropriate way to finish up "The Wool Gathering!"

This soaker as you can see has a sheep on the bum! It's so cute and fun. I've been using it for some time and it's and it has held up so nicely. It has been one of our favorite nighttime covers, but I also like to use it during the day because it's so cute so we usually alternate. Now that it's cooler at nights I don't want to stop using it, so we'll throw some baby legs and keep on! One detail that I love is the draw string that matches the sheep's legs! You can see that in the picture above as well as the wide gusset between the legs of the soaker to give room for a nice fit over thick diapers.

I really enjoy having this soaker! It's fun and does its job wonderfully! It's more than sufficient for overnight and fits really comfortable. It's stretchy so it will still fit for a long time! Here it is on baby during the day with a shirt during the summer. I think these are soooo cute! She's watching her baby sign language video here if I remember correctly.

Hear are a few other uber cute soakers available in Becca's shop:

Becca added these adorable knitted wool fruit toys with my order! They are so fun. I'm really impressed with the handiwork. These look really pretty laying around the floor in contrast to the many plastic toys!! Lydia loves taking them out of the toy box and laying them on the floor and then randomly picking them up and carrying them around.

Can you stand the cuteness??? I can't! Remember that Becca takes custom orders! She is very gifted and creative so get in touch with her and let her know what you like!!!


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