Sunday, August 8, 2010

More about Sprouts and Menu Plan Monday

A couple of weeks ago I posted about growing lentil sprouts. Well, this coming Tuesday evening we will be hosting my brother in law and his new wife from Japan. While browsing through More With Less cookbook in search of a main dish to prepare, I found a recipe for Yakisoba, a Japanese recipe. I noticed that it called for bean sprouts and was a little disappointed not to have thought of it earlier so that I could grow my own again. I decided to look on line however, to see if there were other methods to grow them that might go faster. I'm not sure about the faster part, but I definitely found some additional methods, and began to learn a lot more about sprouts.

This time I will be using a colander to grow the sprouts. After looking seeing a variety of other possibilities, I've concocted the following plan:

Soak lentils overnight.

Place a wet cloth over the bottom of a colander.

Rinse beans and place them on the cloth in the colander.

If you place them in a dark place, they will be more white, like what you see in stores, but you can just leave them sitting on the counter.

Rinse beans a couple times a day and replace them in the colander.

We'll see how it works! I will report next week. This search led to some reading about why sprouts are healthy. That coupled with things I started reading as a result of searching to see if pre-soaking brown rice would make it cook more quickly and be softer has led me down a path of discovery that's a little overwhelming in regards to soaking and sprouting grains, a subject I had intentionally been avoiding because I was already learning so much and didn't want to get too overwhelmed. I'll be writing about that in coming weeks.

This weeks Menu Plan:

Monday: Baked Chicken in the Crock pot.

Tuesday: Yakisoba

Wednesday: Left over spaghetti

Thursday: Creamed Chicken over rice

Friday: Chicken Curry

Saturday: Maybe chicken crescent rolls (that I didn't get to last week)

Sunday: ?

*This past week was horrible as far as sticking to the plan. I've taken on too many responsibilities that happen at the end of the month. This week was particularly difficult because we also had a family emergency and a trip out of town. I have a new plan for the coming month to try to keep things from getting too stressful at the end. So, once again, there will be some trying again on the menu this week. Here's to trying again...again.


  1. I only sprouted lentils once. I let them go for a few days, thinking "How cool, I'm getting more and more as time goes by!"

    They ended up being super-sweet and not that delectable. Oops. Maybe I shouldn't have sprouted them for three days...

  2. I love how you're learning so many new things. It's fun to come here and learn along with you.

    Don't worry too much about deviating from the plan. Life happens and family emergencies always take precedent over menu plans. Take care of yourself and your family!


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