Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Two Toiletry Tips-Little Ways to Save

1. When I was growing up there were lots of toothpaste commercials out there showing a HUGE sparkly, shiny, nicely formed glob of toothpaste on a toothbrush. Something like this: Photo found at

Well, until I married my business minded husband who has a keen eye for marketing techniques, it never occurred to me that you really didn't need that much toothpaste on your brush. I was the ideal consumer I guess, because I never thought about it. I just mindlessly loaded my little toothbrush with a nice big glob of paste every time! My husband still chuckles at me sometimes, because old habits die hard, especially ones that were done subconsciously! 'Nuf said about that one.

2. Next up: SOAP. Body wash became very popular in my college years, so much so that it was unusual to see classmates using bar soap for bathing.
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I used it too, again, without putting much thought into it. Eventually, however, I began to realize how much of that stuff I used at a time and how quickly I went through it. I don't know that it's strategic from a marketing stand point, but I do think that unless someone is consciously making an effort to use small amounts at a time, just by nature of it being liquid it is extremely easy to overuse. On the other hand, bar soap is very difficult to use wastefully!

Oh, and do I need to mention that it's a lot cheaper and cuts down on unnecessary packaging?

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  1. I so agree with your posting and have always used little toothpaste and no longer use body wash and switched back to soap.
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  2. Great tips! I had never thought about how marketing played into these two ideas, but it makes sense that the company would want you to use more than you need so you'll buy their products more often. Thanks for helping me think this morning! ;)

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  4. We are bar soap users and only use a pea size amount of toothpaste!

    Many people do not understand this in the marketing terms so that is awesome you put it out there.

  5. Hi there! I'm a new follower through Blog Hop Friday. I can already tell that you will help me save money!!

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  6. Hi Amy,

    I am SO sorry that it took me a week to get here and subscribe to your emails! I'll be getting them now! Thanks so much for stopping by Ten Talents, and I look forward to your emails :)


  7. I bought (and probably paid too much) for a really nice-smelling bar of soap at a boutique. But that was almost a year ago and the darned thing shows no signs of every disappearing. I really can't kill it, and I wash my hands a lot, LOL! I like body wash, but for real value you are absolutely right about bar soap!

  8. Great tips!!!
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  9. Thanks for the follow - right back at'cha.

  10. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I'm returning the follow.

  11. Lol! So funny. Eric says the same exact things to me about the toothpaste! Lately I have been considering switching from toothpaste to baking soda. It cleans your teeth and whitens without all the additives. It just doesn't taste as minty fresh. :) I want to do a little more research first before switching.

  12. I just saw this today!!! So cool..mix a little cinnamon in!

  13. Agreed! I am a body wash user but I only use a dab on my pouffy sponge and I get a huge lather from it. I can make a bottle of body wash last a long time...also, all this marketing plays in with shampoo bottles that say wash, rinse, many people really need to wash their hair twice in a row? Never thought of mixing in cinnamon with the baking soda - Great Tip!


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