Friday, June 25, 2010

Perfectly Ripe Avocado-No More Waste!

You may be an expert at being able to tell just by the feel when an avocado is perfectly ripe. I am not. I wasted so many avocados by cutting them open too late or too early that I almost quit buying them altogether. Fortunatley it occurred to me to consult an expert about it. I finally asked one of my dear friends from Mexico how she knew when an avocado was truly ready to use. Her secret has worked for me every time. Here it is:

Buy the avocado when it is green. (I call it "crayon green.") Wrap the avocado in a towel or paper towel and set it in a dark place that will be room temperature. I put them on the counter under the cabinet. Leave the avocado there for 2 full days. At the end of 2 days or on the 3rd day...GUACAMOLE! You have a perfectly ready to cut and serve avocado.

I know there are other methods that work, but this has been my favorite. I've personally found it to be the least subjective and most effective.

***Baby Food Tip: Mash one of these up for a SUPER quick, SUPER easy, SUPER nutricious baby meal!***


  1. Good tip! I'm allergic to avocados, but I've heard that it's a challenge to find one that's ripe yet not overripe.

  2. I've put them in a paper bag before but never a paper towel. Following you from Friday Follow. Please drop by my blog at too!

  3. I LOVE avocados... I think I'll go eat one, right NOW! ;)

    amy in peru

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    LOVE your background!

  8. For someone who loves Avocado since childhood, I say your technique is just perfect, you can never go wrong.

    Glad to be your newest follower.I found you on the Friendly Follow Friday.

    Feel free to check my blog too. I write about recycling things if you fancy those kinds of stuff.


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    I've never had an avacado...I'll have to try one!

  11. I'm really lucky - the grocery store a few blocks away sells "Avocadoes," and then has another area with "Ripe Avocadoes" - so you can pick them up, guacamole-ready, right from the store! I've used these a couple times.


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