Sunday, June 6, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

I can't believe it's almost Monday again. For the sake of keepin' it real, I'd like to take a moment to share how many things did not go as planned this past week :). Monday, we had free Chick Filet Sandwiches, not Pizza. I'd forgotten about that. Tuesday, the Empanadas were a total flop, but not the recipes fault. It worked great before. Thursday is my Bible study/play date with a friend, so we pitched the idea of trying a new recipe that night and my husband whipped up some pancakes. They were great! But as a result, on Friday as I was all ready to make Vareniky, I realized we were out of eggs. SO, we had the Vegetable Curry instead. The not having eggs hindered a lot of things, like the Creamed Chicken over Confetti Rice Squares, and Vietnam Fried Rice. We got home really late this evening (Sunday), so we made it a rotisserie chicken day. We did also happen to get some eggs so I'm trying again this week!

This weeks PLAN ;)

Monday: Creamed Chicken over Confetti Rice Squares (More With Less Cookbook pg. 187) I'll use leftover chicken from Sunday, homemade chicken stock , and leftover rice for this recipe.

Tuesday: Vareniky (More with Less, pg. 144) I'm determined to try this one!

Wednesday: Homemade Spaghetti and Salad (Friends for dinner! Yay!)

Thursday:Chicken Strata (More with Less, pg. 183) Vietnam Fried Rice (pg. 130) This will also
put the leftover chicken to use!

Friday: Homemade Pizza (3 of them...more friends for dinner! )

Saturday: Tentatively visiting friends for dinner, if not then Basic Chicken Curry (MWL, pg.171)

Sunday: These odd but tasty little chicken patties.

We have all ingredients needed for these recipes, except for a tomato I'll be using for the pizza, which I'll pick up this week when I re-stock the grains we buy by the pound at Whole Foods.

If you are interested in simplifying your grocery list, eating less processed foods, and simple but tasty recipes, stay tuned for a REVIEW AND GIVEAWAY of More With Less, A World Community Cookbook, by Doris Janzen Longacre!!

For more menu planning ideas visit Org.Junkie!


  1. I love the "More with Less" cookbook! It has some of my favorite recipes.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. More with Less is my FAVORITE too! :)

    I'm so glad you did leave a book! ;)

    It was good to hear from you and we would LOVE to have you visit!! awesome!

    amy in peru

    PS. I'm gonna follow to keep up with you here ;)

  3. Yay Amy! How fun to see Cajamarca show up on my feedjit *sigh* Looking forward to keeping up!!!
    Amy in NC ;(

  4. This menu looks so good Amy, especially Thursday night. I've never tried that, but it sure sounds yummy! Thank you for stopping by my place. At first I couldn't find your comment on my blog, then I remembered you saying you found me at MPM, so I looked through my menu plans and viola! There you were! Thank you for your encouraging comment!


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