Monday, March 21, 2011

Brazil So Far...

We've had a week in Belo Horizonte now at the Lighthouse having a great time seeing the work there, trying to help out in some practical ways and having a good time with our friends, Laura and Felipe who are leaders at the Lighthouse. You can look at their blogs here and here see more of what's been going on here in their last 2 or 3 posts.

Lydia walking with girls from the Casa Refugio (Refuge House). All of these children have HIV. Please pray for them as there is a new law and such homes are no longer allowed to exist, and many adoption possibilities have fallen through.

This is on a soccer/basketball court at the Lighthouse that kids from the slum love to play on!

We are on a hill and can see much of the slum from our windows.

There aren't too many ways I can help, but I can definitely knead bread, though this was a much larger batch than I've ever made.

Hanging out on Laura and Felipe's front porch.

Getting ready to go visit a local park on Saturday...

where we saw lots of monkeys...

and fed them crackers!

Lydia started walking almost as soon as we got here!

We're now in Rio de Janeiro at the end of a short trip along with Laura and Felipe. We've had a nice time so far seeing some of the sights and relaxing at a local bed and breakfast with a fantastic view of the city. We actually saw Obama fly down from the Christ the Redeemer statue earlier yesterday We went to Copacobana beach yesterday and it turns out he was staying in the Marriot there. There were tons of army men and trucks and police. The street was blocked off. People were crowded around waiting for him to arrive. We had to eat and get home and did not wait. So strange that we'd happen to be here at the same time as our president!

Here are some pictures from Rio de Janeiro:

Laura and I with our girls at Christ the Redeemer Statue.

And we're off right now to head back to Belo Horizonte and get back to work. These are really random pics and really random info. as I have had very little time to think about blogging! Just wanted to share a little.


  1. I love that you brought your daughter with you! I dream of bringing my daughter with me on a missions trip, but as of yet, there are none that my husband does that are appropriate for a toddler.

  2. So Jealous! Tell Laura and Felipe we say hello. I love all the baby carrying going on in your pictures.


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