Friday, January 21, 2011

Simplifying and Creating Space with Hanging Jewelry

I love getting rid of things. I like getting rid of clutter. It takes a lot of effort as I'm not the most organized by nature, but it's so refreshing to travel light. Less is definitely more in my book.

Some time back I saw a friend's bedroom and noticed she had all of her jewelry hanging on pins on a corkboard beautifully covered with fabric and ribbon.

I had my jewelry in a medium sized jewelry box on a small shelf in our room. Since we have a big closet, we'd already moved our desk and desk top computer in there to create space in another room, and I was ready to get that little shelf into the closet as well since there was a perfect spot for it that was otherwise unusable space. The only problem was where to put the jewelry box. I knew it was on the wall, jewelry box out of here!

I was going to make a fancy one, but I found an attractive one for 8 bucks or so at Wal-Mart that matched our color scheme well. Yet again, less is more! Here it is:

I should also make a rule that if it can't fit attractively on this board, I shouldn't have it, or should get rid of something else!


  1. I need something to hang my things on instead of tosing them in a box like I've been doing recently.

  2. PERFECT! I have been looking to do something EXACTLY like this but wasn't sure HOW ... What a great idea! What about gluing some fabric to the cork and putting decorative thumbtacks in strategic spots to hold the jewelry? I wonder if that would work?


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