Wednesday, April 21, 2010

About that left over chicken...

Every other week or so we buy a small rotisserie chicken and eat one meal off of it as is, another off of the leftovers, and then we boil it to death with veggies and seasonings to make home-made chicken stock, or chicken soup with noodles or rice.

I went searching for recipes for leftover chicken to help stretch that bird as far as I could. This odd but DELICIOUS one has stuck. It's really easy and made with things we always tend to have around the house. I look forward to "chicken week" because of this yummy dish.

There is always chicken salad or pulled chicken soft tacos, but I prefer all white meat for those. One of these days we'll cook a big enough chicken to have enough white meat left over for that!


  1. I'm going to have to watch you prepare this 'cause the recipe looks intimidating to me!

  2.'s a lot of ingredients, but I don't use the sun dried tomatoes and I use any kind of onion. The way the recipe is listed is weird. The first three ingredients is the dressing so you just mix mayo, mustard and garlic and put it in the fridge. The rest I just get a mixing bowl out and plop it all in the bowl, mix it up with my hands and form it into patties. We usually don't have honey mustard so I put actual honey and regular mustard in it. The last three ingredients listed are just for a side salad. I have no idea why they put that on was confusing at first.


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