Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cloth Diapering Events on the Way!

I'm pretty excited about what's coming down the pike here at The Cheap and Choosy! I'll be starting a series of three informative and fun cloth diapering events starting in September. Confusion abounds about all the different types of diapers out there. So far on my blog, I've focused on using prefolds and covers. I'm about to expand my horizons...

"If the Diaper Fits..." (September 15-30) will feature an informational post or two plus reviews and giveaways of some great fitted diapers out there!"The Wool Gathering" (October 11-25) will feature some information about the amazing natural phenomenon that is wool, along with some reviews and giveaways of wool products!"Fluff Your Pockets!" (November 1-30) will feature information about pocket diapers and a lot of reviews and giveaways of pocket diapers.You can see a quick list of a few of the wonderful sponsors so far of these events under my "GIVEAWAYS" tab. There will be more thorough information on sponsors coming very soon! Stay tuned!


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  3. Looking forward to the wool & pockets, woo hoo!


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  8. Can't wait for the wool giveaway... Seriously need me some wool for #2. :)

  9. I hope some of these will be open to Canada!!
    I'm off to add your button to my blog!


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